Alongside music production I offer career guidance consultations. Band development can be one of the most crucial stages for a band to undergo and if completed successfully can help elevate you to the next level. Having said this it isn't always an easy task to complete from within the infrastructure of the band.  Having been in an originals band for over 8 years I understand the trials and tribulations of keeping all band members happy whilst trying to maintain consistency in the bands/artists development. I offer consultations for artists and bands who need a helping hand in their expansion to the next step but also as a way to uncover the projects goals and aspirations.  

I have played a vital role in ; two successful pledge campaigns, a number of record releases ( both Independent and Signed). I have experience of working on A&R panels for major music festivals.


I can offer a professional overview of your band’s career and give my personal insights into the areas within the project that would benefit from development.  I would aim to create and develop a 6 - 18 month plan of achievable goals within this meeting to help boost your career. These meetings usually consist of a 2-3 hour meeting and can be done face to face or via Skype call.